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What is the Flash Tech Summit?

The Flash Tech Summit was created to provide a space for kids age 7-17 to come and learn about the diverse fields of work in Information Technology.  The career paths are endless and the Summit provides an opportunity for all to explore. 

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This year's summit is happening on April 13th, 2024


So what does the summit consist of? 


Workshops focusing on various areas of technology to engage young minds

Lunch and Learn Panel

A panel of black professionals working in tech fields that share their knowledge with the kids, along with Q&A, and lunch! 

Registration is FREE

We want all kids to be exposed and have access to this experience so it's free! 

Check out the recap from the 2023 Flash Tech Summit

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Madona Wambua


Panel Speaker


Chief Technology Officer

Named Women Top 50 Success Women of Influence by Success Magazine, Madona S. Wambua is the Chief Technology Officer at Axxelist, founder of Jibu Labs and an award-winning technology expert. With a prolific career spanning over a decade plus, Madona excels as an accomplished author, a sought-after technical keynote speaker, and a Google Developer  Expert Android. Madona is also a Women Tech Makers Ambassador,  Advisory Council Member for the Strategic AI Certificate Program at Mercy University, and Co-Chair of 

Anthony Cummings

Manager, Cybersecurity

Anthony Cummings is a seasoned cybersecurity manager with over eighteen years of expertise in the field of information technology. Currently based in Anne Arundel County, MD, Anthony thrives in his role at Alex Renew, a wastewater facility, where he oversees a spectrum of responsibilities, from maintaining cyber security and cloud infrastructure to managing networking and storage systems. In Anthony’s spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his family, gardening and completing DIY projects.


Panel Speaker



Panel Speaker


Shareka Robinson

Sr. Principal Systems Engineer

Shareka Robinson is a Sr. Principal Systems Engineer for the Dept of Defense and has over 20 years of experience working in Information Technology field, she's always been the only or one of two women on a team; leaving her feeling alone and ultimately feeding her passion for exposing girls to all things Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). She has dedicated her life to volunteering and teaching with multiple organizations that help girls identify STEM pathways through workshops, education, mentoring and engagement with women in STEM related careers.

Jamal Theodore

Manager, Cybersecurity

Jamal Theodore has twenty years experience across several information technology areas such as web development, software testing and bioinformatics. In 2012 he pivoted to offensive cyber security and is now a security engineer manager for a global retail company. Jamal is passionate about sharing his knowledge on IT, hacking, and career development which includes ten years of teaching computer science at local universities. Outside of work Jamal spends his time with his young family, traveling and tinkering with his home lab network.


Panel Speaker



Panel Speaker

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Khayree Jernigan

Personal Computer Analyst

Khayree Jernigan is a Personal Computer Analyst at NAS.  Working with computer end users to repair, install software, and troubleshoot a wide range of issues; ranging from operating system level  and hardware to specific software issues.  Khayree also has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field. When he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and outdoor activities.


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